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Birmingham & Midlands

Birmingham & Midlands
In 2014 we launched Alkionides UK Birmingham & Midlands in order to support Cypriot patients undergoing treatment for ‘amyloidosis’ at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Our dynamic Team and our Midland Greek Communities provide moral support, transport and translation services and raise funds for future assistance with accommodation and other essential requirements.

In 2019, thanks to the Keith Coombs Trust, the Birmingham and Midlands team instigated a new programme to help Cypriot children with special needs and their families by arranging outings and other events that they would not normaly be able to experience. Through this programme the families have had the opportunity to meet each other and draw mutual support.

A thank you from one of our families
A thank you from one of our families

Forthcoming events

Please see what events and fundraising activities we are planning here

and for some amazing past events please see here
Here, our Birmingham & Midlands team present a cheque on Saint Louca’s day
Contact Alkionides Birmingham & Midlands

General enquiries can be sent via email to:-

or call any of the numbers below:-

07966 529 769
07712 230 606
07932 738 858
07831 412 542
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